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Cemetery Listings

If you know of any Madison County Cemeteries -- past or present -- or
any corrections to the following listing, please e-mail me with the information.


Many of these cemeteries have been transcribed. The results of these transcriptions have been published by Jan C. Plemmons in several volumes. There is more information available through the Madison County Genealogical Society.

Ailer Worley Cemetery -- Big Pine
Allen Roberts -- Little Pine
Anderson Cemetery -- Spring Creek
Anderson (abandoned) -- Doe Branch
Anderson Family Cemetery on Walker Branch --
Anderson Family Cemetery -- Doe Branch
Andrew Thomas Cemetery -- Hopewell
Antioch Cemetery -- Hot Springs
Antioch Church -- on #1001
Arnold Landers Family Cemetery --
Arrington Cemetery -- Sams Gap
Arrington Baptist Church Cemetery --
Arrington Branch Baptist Church Cemetery -- Grapevine
Arthur Shelton Cemetery --
Ashley Sawyer -- Doe Branch
Baker Creek Cemetery --
Bailey Cemetery -- Halewood
Bailey Family Cemetery -- Little Pine
Baldwin Cemetery -- Marshall
Ball Cemetery -- on #1001
Barnett Cemetery -- Sky Way Dr.
Baxter Payne Cemetery -- Little Pine
Baxter Shelton Cemetery -- Big Laurel
Belva Cemetery -- White Rock
Ben Chandler Cemetery -- Revere
Ben Wade Gahagan Cemetery -- Hopewell
Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery --
Big Pine Cemetery -- Big Pine
Bill Goforth Cemetery -- Doe Branch
Billy Roberts Cemetery -- Lonesome Mt.
Bishop Cemetery -- Shelton Laurel
Blankenship Family Cemetery -- Upper Laurel
Bonnie Hill Cemetery --
Bowman / Rector -- Marshall
Briggs Family at Crooked Creek --
Brigmon Cemetery -- Marshall -- See City Cemetery
Brooks Family Cemetery at Rocky Bluff --
Brown Cemetery at Paint Fork --
Brown Family Cemetery -- Hot Springs
Bryan Cemetery -- Marshall - See City Cemetery
Bryan Cemetery -- Fisher Lane
Bryan-Jackson -- Old Mars Hill Hwy.
Bryant Cemetery -- Marshall
Buckner Cemetery (abandoned) -- Big Pine
Buckner Cemetery at Rice Cove --
Buckner Family Cemetery at East Fork --
Buckner Family at Sprinkle Creek
Bud Ramsey Cemetery -- East Fork
Bull Creek Baptist Church Cemetery --
Bullman Cemetery -- Hopewell
Bunyan Wall Family Cemetery
Burgin-Sanders Cemetery -- Hot Springs
Calvin P. Lewis Site -- Little Pine
Caney Goforth -- Doe Branch
Capps Cemetery -- Marshall
Carl Franklin Cemetery --
Carmen Church of God Cemetery -- Shelton Laurel
(Solomon) Carter Cemetery --
Chambers Cemetery -- Barnardsville
Chandler Family Cemetery -- left Holland Creek
Chandler Family Cemetery -- right Holland Creek
Chandler Family Cemetery -- on old #19E
Chandler-Ramsey Cemetery -- Revere
Chandley Cemetery --
Chapel Hill Cemetery -- Guntertown
Charles McDonald Site -- Doe Branch
Chrisman Cemetery -- see Crisman-Davis Cemetery
Church Family --
City Cemetery -- Marshall
Clarence Ramsey Cemetery -- Revere
Clark Family Cemetery --
Click Cemetery -- Hot Springs
Coates Cemetery -- Sams Gap
Cody Cemetery --
Cody Family Cemetery -- Doe Branch
Cogdill Family Cemetery -- Doe Branch
Coley Family Cemetery -- Doe Branch
Cook Farm Cemetery -- Belva
Creed Shelton Cemetery --
Crisman-Davis Cemetery -- Sweetwater Road
Cross Rock Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
Crooked Ridge Cemetery -- Big Pine
Culvin Creek Cemetery --
Curtis Rice Family Cemetery -- Brush Creek
Cutshall Town Cemetery --
Davis Cemetery -- see Crisman-Davis Cemetery
Davis Family Cemetery -- Anderson Branch
Davis / Christman -- see Crisman-Davis Cemetery
Davis-Rice Cemetery -- Big Laurel
Deaver-McElroy Cemetery -- Mars Hill
Deaver Family -- Rollins area
Dockery Cemetery -- Spring Creek
Dry Pond Cemetery -- Little Pine
Duck Family Cemetery on Jordan Branch
East Fork of God Church Cemetery --
Ebenezer Cemetery --
Edmonds Family Cemetery -- Big Laurel
Edwards Cemetery -- Mars Hill
Edwards Family Cemetery -- Mars Hill
Elbridge Shelton Family Cemetery --
Ellerson Site -- Hot Springs
Engle Cemetery -- Sams Gap
Enoch Norton Cemetery -- Grapevine
Enon Baptist Church Cemetery -- Ammons Branch Road
(Job Rice Cemetery at) Enon Baptist Church -- Ammons Branch Road
Farmer Family Cemetery -- Little Pine
Faulkner Family Cemetery -- Walnut Creek
Fender Cemetery on Foster Creek --
Flats of Spring Creek Cemetery
Fore Family Cemetery --
Forks of Ivy Missionary Baptist Cemetery -- Mars Hill
Fortner Family Cemetery -- Big Pine
Fortner Family Cemetery -- Doe Branch
Foster Creek Baptist Church Cemetery -- Big Laurel
Frank Rector Cemetery --
Franklin Cemetery -- Revere
Franklin Family Cemetery --
Franklin Site -- Revere
Freeman Cemetery -- Leicester
Freeman Gap Cemetery --
Frisby Cemetery -- see Crisman-Davis Cemtery
Gabriels Creek Baptist Church Cemetery -- Mars Hill
Gahagan Family Cemetery -- Belva
Gahagan Cemetery -- Hurricane Mountain
Gaither Shelton Cemetery --
Gentry Cemetery at Chapel Hill -- Guntertown
Gentry Family Cemetery -- Big Pine
Gentry Cemetery -- Spring Creek
George Shelton Cemetery -- Revere
George Family Cemetery -- facing Ivy Chapel Road
George Family Cemetery -- off Crooked Creek Road
George W. Gahagan Cemetery -- Hopewell
Gibbs Cemetery -- Mars Hill
Gid Payne Cemetery -- Little Pine
Gillis-Gardner Cemetery --
Goforth Cemetery (abandoned) -- Anderson Branch
Goforth-Randal Cemetery -- Doe Branch
Goldsmith Cemetery -- Walnut
Gosnell Cemetery -- Mars Hill
Gosnell Family Cemetery -- Revere
Gosnell-Bullman Cemetery --
Gragg Sites -- Hot Springs
Grandview Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
Grapevine Cemetery --
Grassy Creek Hilltop Cemetery --
Green Bullman Cemetery -- Lonesome Mt.
Grooms Cemetery --
Gudger Metcalf Site
Gunter Cemetery --
Gunter Family Cemetery -- Guntertown
Gwaltney Family Cemetery --
Hagen Cemetery -- Anderson Branch
Hamlin Family Cemetery --
Hamp Gap Cemetery
Haney Cemetery --
Haynie Cemetery --
Harmon Cemetery --
Harris Family Cemetery -- on Higgins Branch
Heck Creek Cemetery -- Walnut Creek
Helton Family Cemetery -- Walnut
Henderson Cemetery (HWY 25-70)
Henderson Family Cemetery -- Walnut
Henderson Sites (abandoned) -- Hickory Flats
Henry Gosnell Site --
Hensley Cemetery on Baker Creek --
Hensley Family Cemetery -- on Sweetwater Road
Hensley Cemetery -- Walnut Creek
Higgins Branch Cemetery --
Hobart Fender Cemetery --
Holcombe Cemetery on Foster Creek
Holcombe Family Cemetery -- On Painted Fork Road
Houston Family Cemetery -- Old Mars Hill Hwy
Howard Allen Site -- Brush Creek
Howard Chandley Cemetery --
Hunter Creek Cemetery --
Hunter Family Cemetery -- Marshall
Hunter-Ball Cemetery -- Walnut Creek
Hurrican View Cemetery
Hylton Family Cemetery on Potato Knob --
Isaac Gunter Cemetery -- Revere
Isaac Rice Family Cemetery
Isham Edwards Cemetery --
Ivy Ridge Church of God Cemetery --
J. Lee Henderson Family Cemetery --
J.V. Shelton Cemetery on Baker Creek
J. Winston Rice Cemetery -- Walnut Creek
Jack Goforth -- Doe Branch
Jack Wallin Cemetery --
Jackson Ramsey Cemetery above Catholic Church
Jacob C. Ramsey Cemetery --
James Baskin Anders Cemetery --
James B. Anderson -- Big Pine
James Payne -- Little Pine
Jerry Bailey Family Cemetery
Jerry Ramsey Cemetery --
Jesse Jackson Davis Family Cemetery
Jesse Rice Hill Cemetery --
Jim Lee Henderson Cemetery -- Newer Survey
Jim Ramsey Family Cemetery -- Low Gap Road
Jim Wallin Cemetery -- Big Laurel
Jim Wilson Cemetery -- Little Pine
Jimmy Roberts Family Cemetery -- Revere
Job Rice Cemetery -- Walnut Creek
Joe Denton Family Cemetery on East Fork --
Joshua Gosnell Cemetery --
Judith Shelton Cemetery --
Kent Family Cemetery --
Kirt Payne Cemetery -- Little Pine
Landers Family on Lumptown
Landers Family on Shelton Laurel
Landers Cemetery -- Hickory Flats
Lattin Baldwin infant Sites -- Brush Creek
Laurel Branch Bapt. Church Cemetery -- Laurel Branch
Laurel Seminary Cemetery -- Formerly Wallin Cemetery
Laurelton Chapel Community Cemetery --
Ledford Family Cemetery Near Forks of Ivy--
Ledford Cemetery -- Anderson Branch
Lewis Sawyer Cemetery -- Doe Branch
Lewis Branch Cemetery --
Liberty Cemetery
Lisenbee Cemetery --
Little Ivy Baptist Church Cemetery -- Mars Hill
Love Joy Franklin Cemetery -- Big Laurel
Lower Big Pine / Eldon Henderson Cemetery -- Big Pine
Lunceford Cemetery -- Spring Creek
Lynn Peek Cemetery --
Madison Seminary Church Cemetery
Marshall Cemetery -- Marshall
Massey-Dockery Cemetery -- Barnard
Massey Cemetery -- Spring Creek
Maynard Cemetery --
McElroy Cemetery -- Mars Hill
McDevitt Family Cemetery (abandoned) -- Walnut
McDevitt Cemetery (abandoned) -- Brush Creek
McKinley Tweed Cemetery --
Meadows Gap Cemetery --
Merrill Cemetery -- Mars Hill
Metcalf and Bruce Cemetery --
Middle Arrington Branch Church Cemetery --
Middle Fork Baptist Church --
Milford W. Gosnell Cemetery --
Moses Freeman (abandoned) -- Lower Brush Creek
Mt. Zion Church Cemetery --
Murray Cemetery on East Fork --
Nate Shelton Cemetery --
Ned Ramsey site -- on East Fork
Neilson-Garrett Cemetery -- Hot Springs
New Little Ivy Baptist Church Cemetery --
Newton Tweed Cemetery --
Noah Shelton Cemetery -- Shelton Laurel
North Fork Cemetery -- Big Pine
Norton Family Cemetery on Baker Creek
Norton Family Cemetery on Culvin Creek
Norton Family Cemetery -- Lumptown
Norton Family Cemetery -- Sleepy Valley
Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery --
Oak Hill Cemetery --
Odd Fellows Cemetery -- Hot Springs
Ode Rice Cemetery --
Odie Allen Cemetery -- Brush Creek
Old Bull Creek Baptist Church Cemetery --
Old Country Home Cemetery --
Old Payne's Chapel Bapt. -- Little Pine
Ottinger Chapel Cemetery
Ovid Norton Site -- Lumptown
Pack-Naulty Cemetery -- Lower Brush Creek
Paint Gap Baptist Church Cemetery --
Paint Rock Cemetery --
Payne Family Cemetery -- Little Pine
Payne's Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery -- Little Pine
Peek Cemetery -- Mars Hill
Peek Dill Cemetery --
Pete Franklin Cemetery --
Piney Grove Bpatist Church Cemetery --
Plemmons Cemetery -- Hot Springs
Poplar Gap Cemetery
Price Cemetery -- Walnut Creek
Pritchard Cemetery -- Marshall
Private Cemetery-Laurel Area --
Proffitt Family Cemetery --
R. V. Ramsey Cemetery -- Walnut Creek
Radford Family on Polly's Branch --
Ralph Lovin Site --
Ramsey Cemetery -- Walnut Branch Road
Ramsey Family Cemetery -- Bailey's Branch
Ramsey Cemetery in Mars Hill area --
Rance Hensley Cemetery on Bakers Creek --
Randall Cemetery -- Anderson Branch
Ray Family Cemetery --
Rector Cemetery -- Marshall
Rector-Ramsey Cemetery -- Little Pine
Red Hill Baptist Church Cemetery -- Brush Creek
Redmon Cemetery -- Marshall -- See City Cemetery
Reed Cemetery -- Sams Gap
Reeves Private Sites -- Hopewell
Regan Worley -- Big Pine
Revere Church of God Cemetery -- Revere
Reynolds Cemetery -- Doe Branch
Rice Cemetery --
Rice Family Cemetery (abandoned) -- Brush Creek
Rice Cemetery -- Landers Farm Property
Riddle Family Cemetery -- Little Pine
Rile Shelton Cemetery --
Roberson Cemetery -- Marshall
Robert Dill Cemetery --
Roberts Cemetery -- Marshall
Roberts Cemetery -- Spring Creek
Roberts Family Cemetery -- Walnut Creek
Roberts Family Cemetery (abandoned) -- Big Pine
Roberts Family Cemetery -- Roberts Hill Road
Robinson Duck Cemetery --
Robinson Ponder Cemetery -- Ponder Creek
Roddy Cemetery -- White Rock
Rumbough Family Cemetery -- Hot Springs
Runion Cemetery -- Mars Hill
Runnion Cemetery -- Walnut Creek
Sams Family Cemetery --
Sams Family Cemetery -- Grape Vine
Sandy Bank Cemetery --
Scott Chandler Cemetery -- Lonesome Mt.
Selmer Shelton Cemetery --
Shady Grove / Low Gap Church Cemetery -- Revere
Shelton Family Cemetery -- on Minyard Shelton Mt.
Shelton Cemetery -- White Rock
Shook-Ramsey Cemetery --
Sid Lunsford (abandoned) -- Little Pine
Sol Shelton Cemetery --
Solomon Carter Cemetery --
Spencer Rice Cemetery -- Shelton Laurel
Sprinkle Creek Cemetery --
Sprinkle-Bradley Cemetery --
Sprouse Cemetery -- Marshall
Stackhouse Cemetery -- Stackhouse
Stackhouse Road Cemetery -- Stackhouse
Stanton Cemetery -- Revere
(Old) Station Cemetery -- Marshall
Station Cemetery -- Brush Creek
Stephen Dill Cemetery --
Sugar Camp-Massey -- Big Pine
Swaney Family Cemetery --
Sylvan S. Shelton Cemetery --
Taylor Family Cemetery on Ponders Creek
Teague's Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery --
Thomas Ball -- Little Pine
Thomas Branch Cemetery --
Thomas Family Cemetery -- Brigmon Hollow
Thomas Family Cemetery -- Stackhouse
Thomason Cemetery -- Marshall
Tilden-Metcalf Cemetery -- survey at Old Buncombe Gen. Society
Tillery-Long Branch -- Marshall
Tilman Chandler Cemetery --
Tilman Gosnell Cemetery -- Lonesome Mountain
Tom Dill Cemetery --
Tom Roberts Cemetery -- Doe Branch
Tom Shook Cemetery -- On Minyard Shelton Mt.
Tommy Massey -- Doe Branch
Tommy Wallin Cemetery -- Doug Cove
Treadway Cemetery -- Doe Branch
Tweed Cemetery --
Tweed Cemetery -- on Long Branch Road
Tweed (James) Cemetery on Chapel Hill Road --
Tweed-Sams Cemetery -- Franklin Mt.
Union Valley (Presbyterian) Cemetery -- Revere
Unnamed on Ponder's Creek #1 --
Unnamed on Ponder's Creek #2 --
Upper Arrington Branch Church Cemetery --
Upper Laurel Cemeteries (2) -- Mars Hill
Waddell Cemetery -- Lemon Gap
Wade Allen Family --
Wade Gosnell Cemetery --
Wallin Cemetery -- See Laurel Seminary Cemetery
Walnut Cemetery -- Walnut
Walnut Creek Road Cemetery -- Walnut Creek
Walter W. Gahagan Site -- Laurel River
West Cemetery -- Walnut Creek
Wheeler Gosnell -- Lonesome Mountain
Whitt Cemetery -- Mars Hill
Whitt Cemetery -- Mars Hill
Wild Cemetery -- Marshall
Wilde Cemetery -- Walnut Creek
Wiley George Family Cemetery --
William Jesse Lewis Site --
Wilson Cemetery -- Little Pine
Woodward Rice Family Cemetery --
Worley Family Cemetery in Spillcorn area --
Zack Henderson (abandoned) -- Big Pine
Zimmerman Family Cemetery -- Belva

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